The offer at education in the western world increases from year to year. In countries as the USA education is expensive. Only who has money can afford a good education and earn a lot of money then as an academic. Countries as Austria, that people would become in the constitution most with pleasure, that they are a welfare state, become which ones want to subject themselves to an education so far supplementary, that it also for poor people and people, which at the poverty borders live, education leistbar is. Formerly one had with a Matura a good training with which one could get into the professional life without problems. Academics were needed only in few professions. The demand at education climbed in the letzen years enormously. To maximize the urge the cultural capital was available in every class. Cultural capital is important in the present society particularly in the middle class and in the class being there. More each from this capital has, the professional rise is the slighter and all the better the career chances are. Always more graduations at higher schools and colleges are perceptible. Thus there are more and more Maturanten and academics. The number of the jobs, that as condition a Mittel-. or Hochschulabschluss climbed however not.

Sorrow-supporting of this process became the lower shifts in the education system. The end at a middle school was not reason anymore enough to get a job, because there was enough Maturanten. Around the danger of the unemployment to escape this happened also on the other levels of the education system. When one noticed that the carefree entrance into the working world did not mean the Matura once so praised anymore but only more than college maturity was used in order to study at universities or technical colleges, many began to study in order not to have to work under their level. As a consequence there were therefore more and more academics, yet the need for academics did not become greater either. The education titles were assigned in measures. The requirements of a profession are in comparison with formerly due to the increasing graduations in technical colleges and universities climbed, which reduced the value to this. In the meantime one only gives that one it for every field a study or a technical college can imagine.

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