The concept academy is brought to college in touch in the general usage with the word. In fact every education and research equipment which provides learning-contents can mention itself academy, however. The concept is not legally protected in any form. In this case it is not important, whether this education place of the public authority or privately practiced and financed becomes. Also research facilities often use the concept academy. In combination with the respective department the word academy is to be assigned unambiguously to an education branch. In the field of the department art there are for example the music academy, the play academy or also the film academy. The word has his origin, however, in the Greek antiquity. The philosopher school of the Plato was in Athens, near the region of the hero Akademos. Plato gave instruction in the compartment of philosophy there on basis of the former scientific findings.

For the easier orientation one divides academies into different sections. The academy of the sciences is a scholar union which supports the scientific research. The researching classes following from this union ever have country about 30 to 50 tidy members that are complemented by up to 80 corresponding participants. All scholars of these classes achieve your work in an honorary capacity. The in this case won findings are improved in meetings discussed and multiple or refined until it results in the publication in a treatise. A concrete curriculum or a lesson which sets a frame for the research objectives is not available. For the better sorting a further subdivision exists into the departments of mathematics and natural sciences, art and literature as well as philosophy and history. Next to the research also learning-contents are provided in some academies on the level of a college. Here a corresponding curriculum is used for the comparability with a university. Last but not least also the military trains in academies in order to train officers and stick employees. Also the one few years ago still as training centers, known to police schools, wear today the name academy. As teaching-personnel often external university lecturers who have the qualification for the holding of lectures at universities are active in these military and police academies. Also churches and economic enterprises fit out education places with the surname academy. There future specialists are taught. In the case of private educational facilities it is checked on the part of the responsible craft guilds and chambers of commerce, however, whether the equipment is raked also to the claim of the concept academy. If somebody should have finished one of the previously mentioned facilities with a successful examination, he may call itself academic.

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