About North China University

North China University of period 9, the Ministry of Education in 1999 approved the original Jilin Normal University, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College, Jilin electrification College merged to form the ordinary undergraduate education, a finance graduate education, vocational and technical education, adult higher education and student education as one of the comprehensive university.

School is located in the scenic Songhua River in Jilin City of Jilin Province ─ ─ covers an area of 1,110,000 square meters, construction area of 710,000 square meters. Collection of 1.3 million books, the "North China University reported, and other public offering of three publications at home and abroad. 19 existing schools, colleges, 5 teaching auxiliary units, 5 teaching and research training and research center, 8 Institute of Science (offices), 62 laboratories. Master awarded 18 points, 57 undergraduate majors, 20 specialized professionals, 2 provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial key construction disciplines, professional covering science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, literature, history, economy, law, education and management of 10 disciplines, including silviculture, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, has obvious advantages such as specialized history and characteristics. School teachers is strong, the current full-time teachers in 1238, including 124 professors, 428 associate professor, professor 1 province chief, the provincial speaker, Professor 2, the National Young Teacher 1, 5 Young Teacher province, there are 27 enjoy special government allowances. The school also hired Professor Jiang Youxu Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Gu Fangzhou and other famous scholars and experts for the school's part-time professor.

At present 33,462 students, of whom 17,097 were full-time undergraduate students, 2154 junior college students who graduate 272, 118 foreign students, adult education students 13 821 people.

North China University since the school has always been to meet the requirements of market economy for economic development and social progress, and train highly qualified specialists for office, and the infiltration of the construction of disciplines, faculty development, personnel training objectives, scientific research standardize the management of all aspects. Currently, the school location is: teaching as the center, mainly to train undergraduate-level talents, and take a certain number of graduate-level personnel training and personnel training a small number of specialist-level mission to research and an important driving force for school development, teaching, research and social services closely integrated undergraduate teaching university.

After four years of development, the scale of the steady growth of the school running, running quality and effectiveness of coordinated development. School developed a system of annual teaching session, teaching center established to strengthen the teaching of leadership. To meet the school development, increased education funding for investment, enhance the basic courses in education, teaching materials and modern educational technology, deepen the reform of teaching practice to enhance teaching quality monitoring. Quality of personnel training schools as the center, focusing on training students to explore new ways to actively create a strong environment for academic research and personal growth. Full implementation of the credit system to encourage students to multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary learning, and strive to cultivate deep foundation, wide caliber talent compound. Schools gradually adjust the structure of academic disciplines to actively grasp course construction, introduced a series of provincial excellent courses and excellent school classes. To ensure the quality of teaching significantly improve the school to strengthen teaching evaluation system, and actively carry out teaching and research, a good grasp of key disciplines to ensure that the two provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial key subjects, key subjects 9 school, 11 schools key subjects of the construction and development.

Research Gongzuo closely around the school personnel training, more social services to carry out the results and achieved remarkable results. School for four years, our school has undertaken nearly 100 provincial level or above issues, the cumulative total of nearly 500 vertical financial topics million, more than 200 horizontal issues, the cumulative total lateral research funds to complete more than 3,000 yuan. Dozens of papers have been income of SCI, EI retrieval, applied research group has reached international advanced level, has great potential applications and market prospects. Emphasis on technological innovation and the school, emphasis on research and development of the cause, formed the research centers (Suo, E) as a base by Discipline Construction the main line, Yituo academic advantages from research Duiwuzhuanchang, combined with local economic development, radiation and promotion school characteristics of scientific research. Through the tireless efforts of scientific and research personnel, the school and in high-level scientific research project on the award-winning (sadly no Euromillionen) breakthrough has been made to obtain four "863" important projects, six National Science Foundation and Social Science Fund, a United Nations Development Programme Department project, has won a National Science and Technology Progress Award, 27 provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, the researchers developed our school, "Di cancer injection," a one-time transfer of 6.88 million yuan.

Schools adhere to the teaching, research, production and integration of models to Construct Talent features. In the training of graduate students, the change closed open collaborative education, education, expand training diameter, in cultivating talent. In Undergraduate Education on. Focus on training with solid foundation, knowledge breadth, adaptable, comprehensive high-quality, innovative spirit and practical ability of the specialists. Our students with a solid theoretical foundation, innovation, research capacity and integrated in all types of competition in the professional quality of the prizes. School for four years, our students in the "Challenge Cup" National University academic and scientific works of extracurricular competitions, the National Undergraduate Electronic Competition, the National College English Contest, the National Music Education students basic skills competitions contest CPC were 10 state-level awards six provincial awards. One young teacher by the University Dr. Jiang Shengyuan guidance "pneumatic creep-cable robot" project, to participate in the eighth "Challenge Cup" National University extracurricular academic and scientific work was awarded first prize in competition. Our graduates, "trustworthy + pragmatic + innovative" talent brand, has been accepted and employers spoke highly of the North China University of talent has become a basic orientation training. The quality of graduates has increased annually by the society, students, parents and employers well received three-year undergraduate employment rate has been among the forefront of provincial universities.

North China University, after four years of schooling practice, establish a "development is the most important task" mentality, with conviction, confidence forever, the spirit of self-reliance, correctly handle the reform, development and stability, achieve scale, quality, coordinated development of effective and successfully completed from the blend to integration, from integrated to the integration process, the institution has become the largest of Jilin Province, stronger, comprehensive university. North China University will continue to emancipate our minds, deepening reform, accelerating development, a multidisciplinary coordinated development of the distinctive characteristics, competitive, teaching and research and management of the domestic advanced level, focusing on subjects at the internationally influential key comprehensive provincial university.

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