North Chinese School Motto

Zonta is still learning to exercise self

Black and white draft


Zonta: Advocating virtuous people. A phrase from the "book into force", "Zonta reported success."

Still learning: respect for knowledge and truth. Shang: esteem; respect. Science: learning; knowledge; theory; academic
Self: up their own efforts.
A phrase: "easy money" and "Heaven, the gentleman to self-improvement." "Book of Record of Learning", "know the storm, and then self also."

Exercise: to engage in and do my best. A phrase from the "Book of Mean", "almost eager to learn to know, to exercise almost benevolence." , "Rulin Records Biographies," "as the ruler is not to say, care to exercise ru ear." - "Zonta is still learning, self-improvement exercise," more aptly summed up the development process of our school and the pursuit of value, have strong appeal and penetration.

From a philosophical perspective, it reflects my school to uphold the party's education policy and attitude of self-recognition methods, reflects a respect for knowledge, the pursuit of truth, academic, self-improvement, practicing the spirit of officers and student-centered educational philosophy, philosophy of the unity of world outlook and methodology summary.

From a historical perspective, it reflects the history of the original and four universities precipitation, cohesion and development in line with the school self-orientation. School motto is the original four and carry forward the fine tradition, but also a real integration of the school year to summarize the outcome of the accumulation and sublimation.

From a cultural perspective, it reflects the heritage of Northern Chinese, order and development of scientific and cultural activities in the form of information on their own in the pursuit of value, behavior and codes of conduct and cultural achievements, represents both the forward direction of advanced culture, and shows the right thirst for knowledge, truth, exploration and science advocates, the North Chinese self-improvement, not afraid of difficulties, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to sacrifice, the spirit of the rise in times of hardship and injustice.

School training is simple in form, content rich, easy to read and easy to remember, easy to teachers and students in widely read.

North China College logo design Creative Description:

This logo cap as the main elements of degree, together with the river, double ring sign and the North China University designed with bilingual. College degree cap represents the best visual image is a symbol of knowledge, bicyclic symbols of scientific research, a combination of both to better reflect the school orientation - teaching and research universities. 4 river symbolizes the original four universities, in September 1999 merger, which together import the Songhua River, the dam spillway together and if full, and as the original four universities unity and pull together to achieve real integration, solidarity , Liu Yong Jin. Constitute a degree of emission caps is substantially decreased and the sun, the sun, but it is also a symbol of science and technology, 12 zigzag symbol of the year to 12 months. Mark as a whole in the form of round, it is unity, cohesion, cohesion symbol, but also a symbol of the earth, the implication for school modernization, the world and the future. Blue symbolizes the vast, deep and pure, a symbol of the sky and sea, is the best embodiment of the North River City. The signs fusion of ideology, can knowledge, artistry, originality as a whole, has a strong visual impact.

Design: Arts Professor Hou Linfu

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