Psychology and character studies

Let's begin with a theorem, known to us all, in roman language: "Mens sana in corpore sano" (look to The literal translation of this conviction from very early times must say: "A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body". The roman writer from whom these words come was good belief's one must ask the gods for a healthy spirit and for a healthy body. Armies words, legitimate wishes, however, unfortunately one must experience that psychological illnesses in a fast way increase, that an organic illness is recognized more rapidly and that it can be cured with striding progress and increasing industrialization that concepts as stress and Burnout produced again and again. We must admit to ourselves, that it still, when also behind hand held up, as taints is regarded, to admit that one changed, that something is absolutely not right and that this dangerous change does not have any organic cause, a psychological illness too thematisieren. What in former times, than the psychology was in the children's shoes and for wide parts of the population the concept was an external word, simple and simple as an intellectual illness finds out when insanity was laughed away absolutely indeed recognized, however, simultaneously today the observation, the care and caution that she deserves. We all still have the case of the Robert Enke before eyes, that took the life as a man familiarly and financially well set because it could absolutely not use an incident in his life. It was natural horribly to the small daughter for it, the difficult illness and the death with have to look, however his wife must that also. It could release, she will get over that.

We must jump so to speak about our own shadow. We must protect ourselves ourselves. If we find - and it can not be that we do not notice it if we ourselves are driven away into a world in which there is only grief in which the life is an only load - then we must act, and that fast. We must force ourselves to entrusting the professional world of the psychology with us. For the search for a psychiatrist who will help us it can be too late. We must find the energy if it is difficult also very much, to announce us ourselves in the emergency photo of a psychiatric clinic. Also the emergency doctor is natural immediately to the place if one tells him in which extremely dangerous feeling situation one is. Yes, one must not hesitate if it is a question of the own life it is too precious. Emergency doctor actions save lives, they are used for the emergency treatment sick person, and a psychologically sick human being is sick very heavy. Let's use the fantastic possibilities which the psychology elaborated for us. In no other medical field can shame and wrongly understood bravery have so fatal consequences.

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