Supplements in general

We all earn our money normally with work. However, that does not suffice mostly and the wage agreements are a book with seven seals for this purpose mostly still. Which surcharges there are and which ones still calculate themselves for the employee?

As in a fairy tale one would keep up now the words: "It a time was before not all at long time..." than many surcharges were still tax-free for the employee. With increasing training-dung of the state became also the tax-free surcharges less and less. But next to the revenue office also the social security carriers grasp with painting-covers as Christmas money or premiums correctly. This system is strange already, because who works already on the 13th month? The stimuli for the employee become less and less. Nevertheless there are surcharges which can calculate themselves. For example one can avoid the tax deliveries at the Christmas money when one pays this into a company internal pension fund. There are, however, also other tax-free surcharges. So e.g. 25 % are tax-free to Zuschlag for night work (§3b EStG). At that it is a question of the so-called extra pays. Those ones are natural for the Sunday work a little higher than for the night work. The tax-free surcharge for Sunday work must not exceed 50 % of the basic salary, then it remains tax-free. For the 31.12 (beginning from 14:00 o'clock) and on legal holidays even 125 % and at the 24.12 (from 14:00 o'clock) and the Christmas holidays as well as on day of the work (yes which one was that nevertheless now - the 01st May) 150 %. That is calculated of course for the employee. Then anyhow the money for the life suffices hardly, there are already such surcharges what fine and money everyone can need that. Of course only employees come that one to work into the pleasure of these surcharges at the times, what therefore office workers run out of many emptily lets. Many employees are dependent on these surcharges, the employers attempt to go around these. It is not a question at that of fixed stipulated surcharges that the employer must pay it can more or few numbers'. If he should pay more, these are of course taxable. Importantly it is to be noticed that the surcharges can turn out every month differently since these of the working time are dependent. At that it can not result then in complications at the roster if a colleague always in the night wants to work, however, ever in the surcharge-free time of day. here the employers are in demand, the roster as just as to shape only possibly so that everyone gets a surcharge.

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